Reformation Brewery | Atlanta, GA

Reformation Brewery | Atlanta, GA

The Story

From their humble beginnings in home brewing to becoming a staple in their local community, Reformation Brewery always stayed true to their mission: to create a space that welcomes all, fosters genuine connections, and promotes honest conversations.


The Experience

Reformation Brewery isn't just about the beer (though it's delicious!). Their taprooms are welcoming spaces built on acceptance, authenticity, and moderation. Whether you're a beer aficionado or just looking to connect, Reformation invites you to relax, share a laugh, and find common ground over a good brew.


The Beer

Reformation offers a diverse selection of beverages to quench any thirst. Find year-round favorites like the Reformation IPA or seasonal delights like the Alani Wine-Inspired Sour Ale, or even some of their limited releases and brewery-only creations. They even offer non-alcoholic options like sparkling water with electrolytes!